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A Series of stories about belonging

Where Are You From?

"Where are you from?" is a series exploring identity, belonging, and claiming where you are from on your own terms. It is a charged question with no straightforward answer.

We are each a mixture of experiences and identities. Rich, vibrant, complex, and multidimensional.

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Fatima (@fatimamonkush), a Bangladeshi American technical designer who shares her story of identity. She shared how her mixed features tell a rich and complex story about where she's from and who she is. In her words, she says, “I carry my whole family history in my face.”⁠

Abeer Haque

I always say Nigerian-born Bangladeshi American, because it has all the three countries in there. And it seems like a mouthful. But because those spaces are so much a part of who I am, I always say them.

“I carry my whole family history in my face.”⁠

Fatima Ahmed

I think that I'm just a bit of an odd bird. Like from the time I was two, according to my parents, I insisted on dressing myself and dressing super wacky, like all the time. I just never looked like any other kid or acted like any other kid. ⁠

Reiko Waisglass

It's some  insecurity where you feel like you don't belong. And so you're trying to fit in and hoping everyone else will also see you the same way, but then you don't. And it took me I think all the three years of being there to understand that belonging was a state of mind.

Abeer Haque