February 5, 2024

How it works

by Nyla Hasan

How it works

When you purchase an item, you are pre-ordering this product as a part of a small batch order that goes to our manufacturing partner. After our sales window closes we will be processing the orders to arrange production with all orders received. We will ship your order in the delivery window we provided on the product page and we will  keep you up to date on where your product is in the manufacturing process. 


What if I miss the sales window but I want to order?

You can email us at hello@theother-collection.com and we will do our best to accommodate if fabric hasn't been bought and we haven't started the production process yet. In the case that we have started production, we will let you know when or if the item will be available again.


What is Small-batch Production?

When we manufacture in smaller “batches” or a small scale assembly line approach for efficiency and consistency. This approach to manufacturing creates consistency in work to the artisans and works without overstraining their resources and livelihoods. We want to create a healthy ecosystem within the supply chain and believe slowing down is the best way to achieve that balance. 


When can I expect my order?

Per drop we have an estimated delivery date- between 8-12 weeks from the last day of our sale window. We ask for your patience with the process, sometimes we can experience some unexpected delays because of COVID impacted, shipping delays or other events out of our control. We are a very small business and are on top of getting items in the fastest, most realistic timing possible. 

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