February 5, 2024


by Nyla Hasan


We are working towards creating a holistic product, assessing where excess can be reduced, reused and creating a healthier ecosystem within the supply chain.

We care about the workforce that makes each garment and work to ensure they are working in safe, healthy working conditions and given fair wages. We work with a small boutique factory that employs a small team of workers that range from dyers, printers, Karigars (embroiderers), pattern masters and sewers to bring the collection to life. 

No waste.

We strive to achieve a closed loop on textile and product wastage through the development and production process. 

Where will the textile waste go you may ask? We plan to reuse as much as we can in future products as well as using the appropriate means for textile recycling.

Small Batch Production


We have a zero-stock approach. By avoiding over-production of items, we are doing our part to lower our environmental impact. Our collection is available for pre-order to ensure we make what is wanted. Making less equals less waste along with better working conditions and care the workers will have going into each piece.

Fabrics are dyed in small batches per the orders we receive and we start production when orders are in our hands.

Some styles in this collection and future collections are “found” fabrics meaning they are deadstock pre-consumer fabric that we found and saved from the landfills. These items have limited quantities that can be produced and there is no restocking of those products in those fabrics again. 


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