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February 5, 2024

Ami Scherson on her Motherland

by Nyla Hasan

Ami Scherson on her Motherland

"When I think of the Motherland, I think of where I feel whole and full. I think about Japan, I think about the summer festivals where I used to eat octopus balls takoyaki. I think about going to temple. I think about fireworks. But then I think about a Motherland where in my Chilean grandma's garden there's papaya and figs, and we're able to see the sunset and her town of Mirasol. ⁠

And then also, in a way the Motherland is here in Queens, where there's people that look like me that don't question my identity or experience. They're like, “Oh, that's cool.” And then we move on, we're able to connect based on our different experiences. ⁠

So I think as I grow older, the motherland is many different things, and they're what makes me feel grounded and whole.” ⁠

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